So Who are the Brothers?

There’s no mistaking Austin band the Ransom Brothers’ major musical influence; those slide and twinned guitar riffs, fierce fiddle solos and bluesy, soul-infused melodies pay proud homage to the Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band and other ’70s Southern rockers, though the band also pledges allegiance to red dirt, outlaw and outlier country, jam bands.

But it’s definitely their own musical chops and songwriting skills on display in each track of their debut album, Resurgence.

“Our goal has always been to be ourselves and write and play what inspires us,” says lead singer and guitarist Sean McHargue, who formed the band with fellow Texas State University graduate Daniel “Sal” Solis (guitars, mandolin). They were a duo when they came up with the name, inspired by Jimmy Stewart’s character in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, but have since added bassist Phil Eckhardt, drummer Aaron English, fiddler John Thomas and keyboardist James Rodman.

“We all have our own styles and nobody tells anyone what to do; we just throw shit in the wok and see if it comes out crispy. It usually does,” says Solis.

But the blend of past and present on Resurgence is intended to serve as more than the band’s calling card: They also hope to reinvigorate some musical corners that have gone little stale.

“We want this album to be a shot in the arm. A breath of fresh air,” McHargue says. “A resurgence.”


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Based out of Austin, TX, The Ransom Brothers blend classic rock and outlaw country for a heavy driving southern rock experience. 

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"I’m sure The Ransom Brothers have a loyal fan base in Texas hill country and I’m equally sure Resurgence will attract an additional crowd. If you like that Southern rock/outlaw country sound, you can transport yourself to a familiar time and place with a listen to Resurgence." - Full article available on Twangville 

 "The Ransom Brothers made one hell of a debut with Resurgence. Sonically, this Austin-based band makes music that sounds like the love child of 70s Southern rock and Red Dirt. They bring big guitar riffs, smoking-hot fiddle, some funky organ lines, and a rhythm section that will get your feet moving. Lyrically, the Ransom Brothers deliver some sharp storytelling and rock-solid writing. Listen to a couple of these songs, and you’ll see why it’s one of the best albums of the summer."

- Full article available on Outsider 


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